Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Liquid Sky, The Last Horror Movie

Jan 4, 2011
Liquid Sky (1983)

I was told when I was in High school that I had seen this movie. It was one of the more notorious flicks out there along with Evil Dead (coming soon!) and seems to have been played at many a party I attended. Now maybe it's the old age talking or perhaps I was too drunk at the time (ahh.. such good memories. or.. wait.. I don't remember HS. sigh) but I have no recollection of seeing this. Perhaps because if I had been drinking this would have bored me to sleep. The worst sin of ANY movie is to be boring. This wins. Aside from the atrocious acting, the questionable costuming (I went to many a gay bar.. never once did I see a dude wearing a colander on his head for a hat) and lack of plot, this was DULL. Nihilism was never so boring.

 Jan 5, 2011
The Last Horror Movie (2003)

Not exactly batting a thousand here so far. This was a slightly dull mockumentary about a charming (real ones aren't charming) serial killer named Max. It starts off looking like a formulaic slasher movie then OH NOES! The video switches to a I RECORDED OVER THIS VIDEO TO SHOCK YOU! kinda deal. A little bit lifeless and I can't say I'd rec this to anyone. Like anyone. ever. And for the Fango GOREZONE deal? Huh? I must have missed the gore part. Or the filmmaker did. I don't care enough to bother.

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