Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Dead Next Door, Graveyard shift, The Ninth Gate,

Jan 7, 2011
The Dead Next Door

I watched this on a recommendation of friend, He suggested I give it a watch as it had a super secret financier/producer (Sam Raimi) and thought as a fan of the genre I might enjoy it. And I did, kind of. I love when I see passion on the screen. It doesn't really matter if the movie is a blockbuster or even particularly good. If the people involved in making it love it, it shows. This was no exception, but holy shit did it have it's flaws. I reckon being shot over a 4 year period would impair any one's sense of continuity, and this suffered greatly from that. Also, all the leads looked vaguely like other more famous actors so I was cheering them on by their doppelganger names. Come on David Boreanaz dude! Watch out Kirstie Alley lookalike! Holy shit David Arquette guy! That was pretty fun. What wasn't was how stupid the Zombie Squad (who I would have assumed were pretty good at what they did right? I mean they ARE the Zombie Squad...right?) but alas. No. They were dumb as paint and prone to walking into hordes of zombies and/or accidentally sticking body parts into a zombies mouth. Oh well. It was a totally not making sense, hot damn mess of a script, splatter-fest but GODDAMN. The gore gags were AMAZING for such a low budget production. Really top notch for what they were. I wish more film makers would toss their hearts up on the screen. It may not be award winning cinema, but both Chris and I had a pretty good time watching it. Thanks Trev!

Jan 8, 2011
Graveyard Shift

I am a HUGE Stephen King dork, and yet somehow missed this fine piece of film making. Really, I'd never seen it before. And I wish I could still lay claim to that. This was silly. Silly silly silly. But the giant rat/bat thing was kinda cool. And I got to tick off a HMOTD. so yeah..

Jan 9, 2011
The Ninth Gate

I am a fan of Roman Polanski. His work has this quality to it, I don't know what it is, but I've enjoyed all of his movies that I've seen and he did make one of my all time faves, Rosemary's Baby! That will for sure be on here somewhere. So even this horror movie with no horror in it (it was only about a book ABOUT Satan. Go figure), was really pleasurable to watch. Sure Johnny Depp was in it and he is one of a handful of actors I'd watch read the phone book for fun, so maybe that was part of it. But I liked it, even on repeat viewings. Take from that what you will.

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