Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey there! Saw, Eyes Without A Face

I have the notion that I should try to watch a movie a day. More specifically a horror movie a day. Not that it hasn't been done before* but I rarely want to set goals for myself because I am lazy, afraid of failing, really really lazy not a goal oriented person.I've been thinking about it for a few days and the idea has stuck. Probably because we've watched nothing but horror movies for a week now. So I may not be able to make all 365 days, I'll try heartily, but will be super impressed if I hit 300. AND since I don't know if I can find 300+ (although I'll damn sure try) HORROR movies I'm going to open the genre up a bit and include sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers. Sounds like I'm wussing out already...

Dec 30 Saw 1
Dec 31 Saw 2 &3
Jan 1 (WOOT 2011) Saw4&5
Jan 2 Saw 6
Jan 3 Saw 3D & Eyes Without a Face (1960)

I have to say, seeing all the Saw films in a row really proves their cohesive whole. I can't think of 7 (HOLY SHIT 7!) movies that work together like these did. With 4 different directors and a big staff of writers, they kept it together through it all. Very impressive. See the Saw wiki page for more details. But be aware, there are spoilers. There were definite weak points, but since they all blur into one giant movie, I was happy enough with them.

Jan 3, 2011
Eyes Without A Face (1960)

Gothic french arthouse classic. Beautifully shot, and I called the Givenchy gowns even before I saw the credits. A descent into madness for the daughter of a doctor who has lost her face (!) in an accident. He is determined to fix her with a face transplant. Surprisingly gory for a B&W film, I loved it. Chris redid the SRT (subtitle) file so it was a much better translation than the original one. Gorgeous movie.

*and far better than I could ever hope to do by the fine BC from Horror Movie A Day, He is awesome!

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