Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Curse Of the Living Corpse, Whiteout

Jan 10, 2011
The Curse of the Living Corpse
So this movie is the film debut of Roy (Jaws) Scheider! My he was young and handsome! It is also the only other movie that  Candace (Carnival of Souls) Hilligoss ever did. Her career never did blossom, and seeing as she was a wooden as on old fashioned tent  peg, that is probably for the best. This is NOT a zombie movie, it's more of a murder mystery type deal. That isn't terribly interesting. And you can tell they had limited indoor sets. For a giant Manor house, it took place in about 3 rooms. All of them crowded. Ah well...

Jan 11, 2011

Chris and I have actually tried to watch this one other time, but stopped because it got boring. Or something, But you know, I'm game. I'll give it a go again I thought. Why didn't I listen to our first gut instincts? Ugh. Kate Beckinsale is kind of pretty, but a US Marshall? HELL NO. The bright spot was seeing Alex O'Laughlin in it. I loved that stupid vampire show Moonlight SO HARD. But um, back to the movie. Ah, fuck it, I'm just gonna think about that dumb tv show and try to block this boring ass turd from my mind. 

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