Thursday, April 28, 2011

Valentine, 8mm, Shockwaves, Jurassic Park 2 & 3, Trollhunter, Hide & Creep, Hellraiser 5: Inferno, Dementia 13, Wolfen

Apr 15, 2011
Valentine (2001)

I know I've seen this before, maybe more than once. It really is that forgettable. The thing I took away from this movie was how ugly our shoes were in the 90's and early 00's. Big clunky ugly, heavy heeled things. Appalling. Oh and Marley Shelton is ADORABLE. 

Apr 16, 2011
8mm (1999)

I made Chris watch this with me. I had seen it before but he hadn't. It was a rather restrained role for Mr Cage. He pulled back the lunacy until the very end, well done! It makes me laugh how we were so "Oh a movie about snuff films!" back in the day. Now? Ha! They didn't show any real gross violence (strike one). The sex was pretty non weird for a supposed underground (strike two), and they didn't even show the money shot of the whole thing! STRIKE THREE. It did, however have Peter Stormare who scares the shit out of me for real. Also Joaquin Phoenix is sweetly amoral. Don't get me wrong, I actually really liked it. It was a good movie, even if they did wuss out on the ending. I'd say watch it. Good fun.


Apr 22, 2011
Shock Waves (1977)

Back from Vegas with a bang! How can you not love Nazi Zombies? SERIOUSLY HOW?? This is such a fun movie! The people are stupid, it has Peter Cushing and NAZI ZOMBIES!!! SO. MUCH. AWESOME.

Apr 23, 2011
Jurassic Park 2&3 (1997, 2001)

We did a double header creature feature. They are very different movies but both enjoyable in their own ways. 2 brings back Ian Malcolm (sexy scientist extraordinaire!) and his kid (ugh, hate that trope) and girlfriend (Julianne Moore). Dinos are still around, and San Diego needs to be saved. It was pretty corny, but I have to say I LOVE DINO-SOURS! 3 was actually a better movie as far they go, with more action and Sam Neill reprising his JP1 role. The Velociraptors are back and there is a new scarier bigger ickier monster too. It also has Pterodactyls! Like Pterri from Pee-Wee's playhouse! 

See? I'm biased but I liked the JP movies. Good clean fun. With people getting eaten. The best kind of fun!

Apr 24, 2011
Trollhunter (2010)

I've had this movie for a while now and I've tried to convince Chris to watch it with me. He thought it sounded stupid until he saw a trailer on some website. Then he was all "Why haven't we watched this? It looks amazing!" Sometimes I could beat him with a pointy stick. Anyways, it was like a Norwegian Blair Witch with Trolls instead of witches. Super effects (especially if you like the Gnomes book when you were small like I did) and really good acting. The Trollhunter himself was grand to watch. What a super chill dude. Really good film. Search this out, it will be worth it. 

Apr 25, 2011
Hide And Creep (2004)

Now this is a low budget flick worth watching! I bitch about movies that have shitty effects/acting/writing but this surprisingly had all three and still manages to work. The premise is as thin as my softest sheets, but it is truly entertaining still. The director also wrote and stars in it. He is particularly good as Chuck. Which is his name IRL. Coincidence? I doubt it. Somehow this turned out to be great fun. If you like zombies (and if you don't.. why are you reading this? Really?) go on, watch it. It's on Netflix.

Apr 25, 2011
Hellraiser: Inferno (2000)

Look, I like this movie ok? I know the gazillion sequels, remakes and re-boots are annoying as shit, but this, this is different. It has Craig "one expression" Sheffer in it! He of Nightbreed fame! It's a very Noir-ish thriller with very little Pinhead in it at all. It's a time travel/mindfuck of fun.

Apr 26, 2011
Dementia 13 (1963)

Francis Ford Coppola's first foray into directing. He came from Roger Corman's stable of hired hands and you can sure see that influence here. Alternately cheesy and creepy, this is full of stereotypes and overacting. All a staple in this genre/time period. Most enjoyable.
Apr 27, 2011
Wolfen (1981)

Holy shit this is the worst. Just the fucking worst. A terrible movie with niether werewolves or shapeshifting depsite what (the very young) Edward James Olmos says. Boring, long winded, and using way too much heat sensing filters, this will make you want to claw your eyes out for relief. I couldn't care less about the hippy bullshit eco warrior nonsense and the noble savage angle. BORING. Ugh this movie made me so unhappy that I wanted to kill a unicorn.

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