Friday, April 15, 2011

Sleepaway Camp, Return to Sleepaway Camp, The Boogeyman (1980), The Resident, Psycho 2, Dreamcatcher

Apr 12, 2011
Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Again, another movie I have never seen. Was the 80's just a complete deathtrap for kids or what? Between dodging the pedo-cook, playing on the roof and lifeguard unattended swimming sessions, it looked like a minefield of troubles. The kitchen alone possessed more filth in the hugely disgusting flypaper strips than Times Square does now. Euw. I think the tone of this movie was set by the clearly insane/really high Aunt/Mom and it went shit sledding like mad after that. I had already been spoiled about the *shock* ending but it was still pretty funny. For all the wrong reasons I'm sure.

Apr 13, 2011
Return To Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Seeing Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy) was an indication of the amount of money the producers were about to inject into this fine film. Yup, it was THAT good. I have acronym for this kind of movie. ICBIWTWT. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. It really applies here. Terrible stuff.
Apr 13, 2011
The Boogey Man (1980)

I was hoping this might be a little gem that could cleanse my palate. But no. Although it was a fucked up mess of the weird kind, it failed to make that transition into weird AND wonderful. It was just weird. And badly acted. I have to admit I did like the premise of a mirror that can possess farm implements and people across the lake. Not for the easily bored. 

Apr 13, 2011
The Resident (2011)

This however was AMAZING. I think this was Hammer's 2nd or 3rd outing in their new incarnation and I really am happy to have them back. Chris and I both really enjoyed this. There are moments that make this  incredibly uncomfortable to watch, which is what good horror movies do. They make you feel stuff that outside of the norm. Kind of like the old eps of The Office without having to endure Steve Carrell. I hate him. Anyways, my only beef with this movie is not enough Christopher Lee. His role was very small. Minuscule in fact. but it was good to see him at all. JDM does a great job as creepy, a role I didn't know he had in him and Hilary Swank is completely vulnerable. Very enjoyable evening. Well not so much for her, but I sure liked it.

Apr 14, 2011
Pyscho 2 (1983)

Poor Tony Perkins. Psycho both made and ruined his career. I can see why he took this role, but I wish it he didn't have to. It was ok enough but how do you compare with the original. Meh.

Apr 14, 2011
Dreamcatcher (2003)

Oh dudes, I love this movie. I know I know, but I do. My mind fills in all the weak empty spots of the script from the book and I LOVE the men in it. All of them. Really. The shitweasels are fully realised but do lack some weight (as do all CGI from that time period) and are an absolute horror. Kasdan does direct a gorgeous movie, and uses his Star Wars wipes with abandon. I know it's flawed but it is probably my favourite King adaptation. Even with the incredibly goofy finale. So. Fucking. Goofy.

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