Friday, March 25, 2011

Warlock; The Armageddon, Ghost Story 1981, Nightmares In Red White And Blue, Dead End 2003, Santa Sangre, In Search Of Lovecraft, Season of the Witch, Ghoulies, Dagon

Mar 17, 2011
Warlock; The Armageddon (1993)

I took pretty copious notes as I watched this. The director LOVES the split screen shot. I do too, but he beat that horse until it was DEAD. sigh. The is some terrible dubbing going on in some scenes, visibly. There is lots of the story missing as huge chunks of it doesn't make any sense at all. Like how a kid who has had 3 days of practice can best a millenia old demon, but really isn't that just nit picking at this point? This movie stunk.

Mar18, 2011
Ghost Story (1981)

Haha, my notes say "old dudes". and that's it. There truly is more to this than that. A vengeful ghost (the always creepy Alice Krige! who is young and gorgeous here) who travels to exact her revenge. Craig Wasson in a challenging (not) dual role! I always think he is Bill Maher at first. heh. Flashbacks! Dancing! Old dudes! I quite enjoyed this, but did find a tick long. Maybe my attention span is getting.. hey! What's that?

Mar 19, 2011
Nightmares In Red White And Blue (2009)

Decent documentary on the history of the American horror movie. It moves pretty quickly, touching on all periods. It's not a terrifically in depth doc, but if it tried to be it would have been 4 hours+ I reckon. A great primer for anyone looking to start viewing the genre. I don't think I learned anything but had fun watching.

Mar 20, 2011
Dead End (2003)

I wish Ray Wise was in more stuff that I liked. He is just a joy to watch in everything. Even this uneven and very long feeling film. The Mom character was pretty badly written and should have died sooner so I didn't have to watch her painful-ness. Lazy writers. Grumble grumble. The gore was pretty ok, even if it was sparsely used. Reaction shots are fine and all, but I kinda wanna see what you are freaking out about. Even a little please? It was an alright movie, saved mostly by Mr Wise. He is awesome.

Mar 21, 2011
Santa Sangre (1989)

HOLY SHIT THIS AN AWESOME MOVIE. I finally got a good copy of this. I had only seen it on VHS before this and the difference in quality was amazing. I saw things I hadn't seen before! Of course this may have been the first time I've watched it sober too. Go me! I can't say enough about a movie that has circus performers, prostitutes, luchadoras and everything in between. An amazing film that anyone with an interest in art house/horror/freakout cinema must see. Go on.. you know you wanna.

Mar 22, 2011
In Search Of Lovecraft (2008)

What a piece of CRAP. There is no excuse for a movie to look so.. homemade in this day and age. The acting was awful. The sets were terrible. The writing was abysmal. Everything just stank stank stank. Ugh. When I see movies like this it makes me want to punch a baby. DO NOT WATCH. Also note to everyone involved in this atrocity: please never make a movie again. EVER. Thank you, the rest if the world.

Mar 22, 2011
Season Of The Witch (2011)

It took a Nic Cage movie to wash away the foul taste left by that other rancid POS. So that is saying something! Look, I have a confession. I kinda love Nic Cage now. I went through a a period of hating him, but it's swung right around. Now I love his insanity (have you watch Bad Lieutenant; Port Of Call New Orleans? HOLY HELL FUNNY) that he brings to every roll he does. Ron Perlman chews his way through this with gusto too. Hilarious and fun. Great popcorn movie. Even without popcorn.

Mar 23, 2011
Ghoulies (1985)

Time for another confession. I've never seen this until today. HOW DID I MISS IT? I do love me some Satan movies! Excellently 80's complete with sunglasses and bad hair. This was truly fabulous to watch. Silly, goofy and an all around good time. But you knew that. Everyone did but me apparently. I'm slow but I get there eventually.

Mar 24, 2011
Dagon (2001)

This is the way Lovecraft is supposed to be. I totally used to play this RPG (outing myself as a massive geek) in the 80's called Call Of Cthulhu with my ex and some friends. The movie WAS JUST LIKE IT! Then, Chris and I played a video game back in the early 00's called Call Of Cthulhu (see a theme here?) and it was JUST LIKE THIS!!! Fish people, rain soaked towns, doors being held shut OMG! This is all things good about Stewart Gordon movies. Don't believe me? Watch for yourself. You won't be sorry.

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