Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soul Survivors, Dark Mirror, June 9th, Survivors (BBC), Blade, Triangle, Cronos, Fallen Angels (2007)

Mar 3, 2011
Soul Survivors (2001)

Ugh. There was a huge influx of these stupid movies 10 years or so ago. Thanks Scream. This one is dumber than most and my notes say "It was all a dream. Or you were dead. Or who cares". SPOILER.


Mar 3, 2011
Dark Mirror (2007)

I was hoping this would wash away the bad taste from the previous movie, NOPE. Bad actress with bad skin. Did she do it or DID THE MIRROR?? DO I CARE? Again, from my notes. Oh Netflix.. you are letting me down...

Mar 4, 2011
June 9th (2008)

This is a total Blair Witch ripoff with absolutely no payoff what so ever. It didn't know what it wanted to be or do, so it dragged us around with these loser kids for a bunch of pointless set up time that had no punchline. Terrible movie. DO NOT WATCH.

Mar 5, 2011
Survivors (BBC, TV 2008)

This is the pilot for a tv show that goes on for 2 seasons so far. It was a lot like the BBC Triffid series so neither Chris or I could get past that to really get into this. It was the same old plague story with no new twists at all. Like a very dull UK version of the Stand. Boring.

 Mar 5, 2011
Blade (1998)

I had to have a sure thing so Blade it is. This wipes away almost all the badness I've subjected myself to. I fucking love this movie. I remember leaving the theatre with Chris thinking I was gonna be a ninja vampire killing MACHINE and kicking him the butt all the way home. For reals. Action, funny and even though some motherfucker always gotta ice skate uphill, if I can watch a grade a piece of flim like this, I'm ok with that. Damn I love you Blade.

Mar 6, 2011
Triangle (2009)

I had no idea what this was about the first time I watched it. HOLY SHIT! What a great payoff and man oh man do I love me some time travel movies! Melissa George is great in it, and the hard driven plot really grabs your cough by the halls! More movies like this please.

Mar 7, 2011
Cronos (1992)

Beautiful and moving. Funny and disturbing. Sad and hopeful. Del Toro makes art pieces come to life and injects them with this sense of wonder that most films never achieve. He stands alone with his subjects and makes you really know them. Gorgeous.

Mar 8, 2011
Fallen Angels (2007)

What a pretentious piece of shit this was. With a GREAT who's who of horror films cast, this had potential to be something different and new, but it shit the bed in the worst diarrhea like way. The effects looked like they were done using plasticine and rubber glue. They were embarrassingly awful and amateurish. And HINT: shaky cam won't make a crappy rubber suit look any better than it does Mr Jeff Thomas (dir). The ending was supposed to be poignant but turned out to be
preachy saccharine bullshit. Seriously, this was so terrible I thought for sure there would be a wink and a nod at the end or something. God awful in the first degree. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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  1. Agree that Survivors is meh at first. First eps maybe not the best. But it gets really good when Jail Guy turns out to be an unfeeling sociopath, and the group needs his ability to murder and he needs them for survival. It's also chilling when they realise that there isn't anybody to save civilization. Also... I never watched it sober. That might have improved it for me as well.

    We're now watching Primeval. It is SUCH an unbelievable cheesefest, but the dinosaurs are pretty cool! Strange bird-lizard-fish things.