Friday, November 4, 2011

Corridors of Blood, Battle Royale, The Reaping, Return of the Living Dead, Suicide Club, Motel Hell, The Woman In Black

Oct 29
Corridors of Blood (1958)

Boris Karloff is trying to find a way to make surgery painless, but gets all fucked up in the process. A handsome Mr Christopher Lee is Resurrection Joe, a villain if you've ever seen one. Charming low horror flick.

Oct 30
Battle Royale (2000)

Wow. Wow wowie wow wow wow. How I love this movie. The weird stilted dialogue. The insane premise, the kids! One of the best j-horror-ish flicks EVER. Not traditional horror, but societal horror. Absolute fucking genius. The re-make will be tragic. 

Oct 31
The Reaping (2007)

I kinda like this movie. It's a little predictable, but has some really nice effects and Ms Swank looks pretty great in it. My notes say "I can has abortion?". Ha ha I crack me up. 

Oct 31
Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

It's Halloween! Party like it's 1985! Canon.

Nov 1
Suicide Club (2001)

This is the only movie out of all of the ones I have re-watched that made less sense when I was sober. I don't have to understand it to like it. Messed up. The tranny bowling alley musical scene is just... err....

Nov 2
Motel Hell (1980)

This was way weirder than I thought it would it be. It is full of ugly people too. People really just made bad decisions back in the day didn't they? I suppose that is how shit like this got made. Bad decisions and ugly people.

Nov 3
The Woman in Black (1989)

British ghosts don't fuck around do they? They will follow you home and KICK YOUR ASS. There is a lovely little terrier called Spider in this. He was grand.

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