Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moster Squad, Night Gallery, Dawn Of The Dead (2004), The Shining (1980), The Shining (1997), I Saw The Devil

June 15, 2011
Monster Squad (1987)

WOLFMAN HAS NARDS!! I was just a hair too old to watch this when it first came out. It seems a tick charmless to me. The kids are kind of awful, but the little girl is super cute. I know this is canon for some people but meh. Not me.

June 17/18, 2011
Night Gallery Disc One (1969)

Man there was a lot of Nazi stuff back in the day. It's always cool to hate on them right? I liked this but LOVED the Joan Crawford one. She is one of my faves. Icy and imperious. The Roddy Macdowell one was my pick of the litter though. Ghoulish and funny, what more can a girl want? 

June 19, 2011
Dawn of the Dead (2004)

One of my top 10 movies of all time. Nothing else to say. 

June 20, 2011
The Shining (1980)

Over-rated crap. I know what can of worms I open with that statement. But seriously, between Jack Nicholson's smirking douchbaggy-ness and Shelly Duvall's flailing mouth breathing, it was nearly unwatchable. The visuals were good, of this there is no doubt, but the whole plot was lost on Kubrick. Jack is a terrible actor at best and you never get the idea his wild eyed, shouting dick of a husband and dad ever loved his family, so the point of the movie is moot. Crap that has tricked the world into thinking it's a polished turd.

June 21/22, 2011
The Shining (mini-series 1997)

Stephen King wrote the teleplay for this. He hated the Kubrick one so I reckon he thought he'd help make one truer to the source material. And it is much closer to what was written, but it still sucked. Too much source and not enough time to flesh it out. Stephen Weber did a credible job as did Rebecca De Mornay, but seeing as it was made for TV thing, the script had to be neutered terribly. And while the kid did a good enough job (if he wasn't a titch precocious) his mouth was distracting the entire time. I know it's not his fault it looked liked a butt hole, but OMG. NOT AT ALL APPEALING TO WATCH.

June 21, 2011
I Saw The Devil (2010)

Holy shit. I had no idea this was as fucked up as it was. I do love me some revenge based thrills, but this was over the top batshit crazy. My notes say "OMG. JUST OMG". It is hyper violent, truly depraved and full of shocking shit that will curl your hair. I loved it. It was the best movie I've watched in ages. Not for the faint of heart or really most anyone. A+++!!!

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